Just when you thought you could enjoy your little oasis in the desert. Creatures start coming in waves to ruin your zen. You better get ready for a showdown and defeat these pests or you wont have a oasis to enjoy.

To help you defend your oasis i have given you awesome creatures to get your battle on, and send these pesky intruders packing.

You will start off with a few brief encounters of creatures trying to ruin your little oasis. Gradually these encounters will become full fledged onslaughts of terror! Time to start a showdown - its getting real!

Did I mention a kicking showdown wouldn't be complete without a boot shaking, ground breaking original soundtrack? Well it so happens i got you covered!


- Dozens of insanely challenging levels
- Creatures that will make you run to your momma
- A creative monetary system for purchasing defenders with stars
- All Original Sound Effects and Music by Leisure Science
- Beautiful Graphics

This is a defense game that will grab you and leave you wanting more. Who wouldn't want a showdown in the desert defending the only oasis for miles and mile

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